Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Google Helpouts, my rant

   Several weeks ago I applied for the new Google Helpouts that I believe, if it works that is, will be big... like really, REALLY big. The premise behind Helpouts is that it will allow users to teach others via Google Hangouts but in a more structured platform such as allowing others to actively seek out experts that can help them with everything from cooking, graphic design to using their Android phones. When I first signed up I was super excited and very hopeful.. so I sign up, create my banner and I even have my interview with what I assume is one of the Google Engineers that helped set it up and I was even more excited afterwards... I through up my introduction video and I just wait... except I've had quite a few problems with the system and I am near the point of just saying, "fuck it" and giving up. I am not happy.

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First they tell me I'm using informal language in my description and my qualifications aren't good enough. I removed the informal language, wrote something more specific and updating my qualifications but NOOOOOOOOOOO that isn't good enough for them.

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 No, instead they sent me ANOTHER email telling me to be even MORE SPECIFIC. How can I do that? I put in my description that I have over four years Android experience which is a part of my nearly eight years of experience in the wireless industry with direct support for Android OS including my hands-on experience with educating users IN PERSON on how to use their Android device.

Just take a look at my listing:

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What do you want from me?? If they reject my current description I am going to un-list myself from their service and I will be done with it forever. They want people to be a part of this new service but they're screwing me hard right now and if they're even doing half of this to others then Google Helpouts will be a huge failure for Google, guaranteed. Just like Google Buzz.

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