Friday, December 11, 2015

The Biggest Lies Adults Tell Children

Parents and adults sometimes say things to children that aren't always true, but sometimes these lies are meant to help children remain positive about themselves while others are used to buy time.

Reddit user RevMick recently asked in /r/AskReddit an important question to the community on what the biggest lies are that we tell children.

Parents don't want to let their children down, especially when the parent knows their child or children might be incapable for ascending to a certain goal whether it be a limitation of the odds of reality or it is a limitation of their physical or mental skills. Many children in the United States at one point at another have stated in their younger years that can reach the highest point of success, everything from being a doctor, an astronaut, or even being the President of the United States. Of course it is not impossible for anything to happen, but with only 5.4% of the total population in the US are doctors and with much lower odds of being an astronaut or even being the President of the nation, it is understandable why parents might lie to their children.

However, to offer a counterpoint Reddit user jankymcjankerson says, "Well, the truth is, with the right amount of work and patience. Barring physical issues that would prevent it. You really can be anything.
People forget to put the work and patience part in there." Dedication and effort can bring a child closer to their goals as they progress through adolescence and adulthood.

Younger children want to be a part of their parents lives and sometimes children will want to emulate what they see their parents do whether it be with cleaning the dishes, getting the laundry in or out of the wash cycle, want to play the same video games their parents do and other tasks that might not yet be ready for the child to be fully prepare to do, but parents do this to not only let their children participate in the same activities, but it is also a learning opportunity to learn how to not only perform the task but also to be as competent as their adult counterparts in those same tasks.

How many times during your child years did you come running down stairs after your parents told you the food was ready to eat but then when you sit at the diner table and be told that food wasn't actually ready and then you'd just wander back into the living room and just watch TV and wait for Mom and Dad to actually get the food ready? It has happened to all of us and even experiencing it as a child, new parents will and do end up doing the same thing to their children?

Small children have a tendency to wake up either from their daytime naps or their restful nighttime sleep and they can wander to their parents rooms and not always at an appropriate time and when mommy and daddy are caught in that wrong moment its up to them to make up a liar to explain and escape the awkward situation of having to give their little ones the sex talk. Maybe the kids are up in their rooms and are awaken by the loud sounds coming from their parents bedroom and in the morning at the breakfast table the kids are curious as to what the ruckus was the previous night.... yeah, "We were just wrestling."

In reality these lies can be pretty harmless --- Lying to children can be an essential quick excuse to put them to ease when a better reason or explanation is not always available for adults that are caught off guard and there really shouldn't be any negative judgement to adults who do the occasional lie, its only when it becomes a common occurrence that we should as society be worried