Sunday, May 4, 2014

ShadowCreep - Archery Shooter: a Broken Game with Broken Aim

The title screen. It gets the job done, I guess.

  From time to time, I like to check out new games from independent developers that appears on the Google Play store and Apple's iTunes. Sure, I might play a big studio title if it interests me, but generally I don't have the time. However, I recently saw this post on Reddit from a developer of a new game that sounded very promising..

Beware, not for sensitive souls! Do you have what it takes to take more than one of them with you? Become Shade in this 2D archery shooter. The goal is simple: equipped with your bow and infinite arrows, you have to shoot down as many enemies as possible before they take you down. ShadowCreep is a dynamic and difficult game. You will not be shooting apples but actual monsters who want to destroy you. They are coming at you fast and you will need to master your skills with a bow and arrow in order to survive.

Five star reviews are truthful, right?
  With this many five star reviews, how can this game not be great? Well, it's not. Now, that doesn't mean that the game is the worst thing ever because it isn't that either, but there are many flaws that left me wanting more. I like several things about the game: I like the overall design of the game such as the colors, the clouds, the rooftop, the sprites of both the player, the "birds" (I call them Sharkravens), and the music. While the design feels very much like a flash game I think the style really matches what other developers are doing with games such as Cut the Rope, Angry Birds, and Flappy Bird. The sprites, while struggling with the animation of both play and enemies, have a very simple yet distinctive look that I haven't really seen in other games I've played but I feel that they really don't fit with the bright blue sky and puffy clouds.. they feel like they would fit more with a darker background since the player archer is hooded in black and fighting weird robotic flying sharks.. maybe a later update can have different time of day settings. The developer thankfully has already stated in the Reddit thread (that I linked to up top) that he is going to fix the animations to make them smoother and hopefully he'll take this suggestion of mine.
Simple enough, right?
The biggest flaws of this game are horrible aim and hit box detection. I understand that games shouldn't be easy because where is the fun in that, but I had so much difficulty aiming for the right shot that it became downright infuriating! I would line up a shot perfect for the next set up Sharkravens and right as I'm about to shoot, the aim changes on it's own. I had this same problem happen on my Moto X, my Galaxy Nexus, and even on a Galaxy Tab 2! Regarding the hit detection.. just look at this:

I mean, really? 

Fix this. This. This. This. This. THIS. 

No, I do not want to share to Facebook. Why can't I share to G+, Twitter, or other methods?

  To sum it all up, the controls are bad, achievements do not work and the only option to share your score or the game is to Facebook? I like the music, like the art design but the inaccuracy of aiming is just too much of a flaw to ignore. I don't know who those five star reviewers are, but it's obvious they're reviewing a different game that I've spent several hours on. Please developer, fix these issues and you might turn an alright-game with bad controls into a great game that doesn't have forced difficulty.

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